Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A throwback...

Hey all! I'm sure you know that I LOVE Idol, and last night the show was great! There were three performances that I just loved, but mostly I was so excited to her Beatles music! My fave performance of the night was Brooke White's "Let it Be." She ROCKED!!!!
I really enjoyed Jason Castro's performance, mostly because it brought back memories of growing up! My Dad used to always have great music constantly playing while we were growing up! I hadn't heard "If I fall" forEVER, but was so happy to hear it again. I searched on Itunes for the Beatles version...I'm really a sucker for the original...but they have NOTHING from the Beatles. What is up with that? So, I found the original BLACK & WHITE music video on YouTube....check it out (but turn down the music on my blog music player first :)

I love this song! The harmonies are gorgeous and it's such a simple but sweet melody.
In other Stevens fam news....
Cameron has had a croupe-like cough since Sunday! We go to the doctor today, hopefully he is alright....:( The silver lining to his being sick, now don't judge me, is that he is more cuddly!! For any of you who don't know, Cameron is usually 100% of the time ANTI-cuddly! So I have just been eating it up.
Drew has been serving up extra servings of cute lately. Last night he woke up crying at about 11pm because his leg was hurting. TJ and I were watching Idol, so we brought him downstairs and after a while he said.."Mommy, my leg doesn't hurt any more, it's all better now." So I said, "Does it feel better because you got to come down and be with Mommy and Daddy?" Drew: "Yeeeahhh." So funny! Then I gave him some tylenol and massaged his leg thinking it was just sore from jumping around ALL day long, and he said ..."Mommy, you take good care of are like a Doctor Lady.....I love you." I just love that little boy!
Now I almost don't want to write this because I'm worried I'll jinx ourselves...but it seems to be that we found someone who wants to rent our house in Vegas. Not just rent, but Lease to Own! I know that with Lease to Own option, they have to pay more per month....we'll see. Right now, every little bit we're happy with whatever we can get! And it is official! The owners of our current home are putting in a fence!!!! Installation starts sometime next week!!!!! I'm so excited I can barely stand it. Wa hooo!! My fence will only serve as a child containment device, unlike the Longnecker's and the Jenkin's fence which will serve as not only a child containment device but a horse repellent device! :)
Hope you all have a great day!


Erin said...

Hey you, I love your cute blog! This is Erin Thomson (Koelliker now), I found your blog through Becki's blog. You have such an adorable little family, I am glad to see that you are so happy and healthy. You'll have to check Sara's blog at and mine at Hope to hear from you!

Joe and Dawn said...

Hi Lindsay!
I'm so glad you found my blog. You're family is sure growing. I think the last time I saw you your oldest was a couple of months old. Blogging is great, isn't it! No, we're still is Phoenix. Utah hopefully is in the future somewhere down the road. I bet your mom is thrilled to have you back! Stay in touch.

Jenkins Family said...

Oh, don't be too sure that that horse won't try to make it's way over to your house next! :) You're only a few short gallops away you know.
Good news about your house, and I LOVE the story of cute little Drew. What a good mommy you are, and an especially good doctor lady.