Saturday, September 20, 2008

A new page

So, I haven't been able to scrap a whole bunch lately because of the play I'm doing (I'm in the pit orchestra for "My Fair Lady" at the Pioneer Theatre Company). So yesterday, I made a quick little page from a template. I used Kasia's Dear Diary Kit over at Shabby Pickle designs. I really love how it turned out!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

favorite things

I thought I'd just write a short little post about some of my favorite things these days. If you would like to, do the same on your blog or tell me your favorite things (at the moment) in my comments.

First, this song makes me so happy!! I just found it a couple of days ago, but I just love how fun and quirky it is:
(p.s. be sure to turn off my blog music)

Also, I discovered John Mayer a couple of years ago, ( I know he's been around longer than that :) and just recently found his live album on itunes and must say it is AWESOME!! I so want the DVD! My fav's from this album are Heart of Life, Neon, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, and Free Fallin. So, so cool!
I've rented a couple of pretty cool movies lately-I don't really love to see movies in the theatre, I prefer to watch them at home in my jammies. Have any of you seen Definitely, Maybe or What Happens in Vegas? Both are great! Definitely, Maybe made me cry and What Happens in Vegas made me pee my pants! Both are a MUST SEE!!
I love THIS new eyeshadow pallette from MAC is so gorgeous, I love, love love love love playing with shadows...and isn't the green so stinkin' awesome?
Also, I read THESE great books and LOVED them. They are called the Gem series by Lynn Gardener. Debbie Dee suggested them-that girl has great taste in books ;)
And last, but not least, I have a GREAT recipe for you all. I tried it the other night and got rave reviews :) I subsitute Japanese udon noodles for whole wheat spaghetti (you can find these in the produce department at Wal-mart by the wonton wrappers). Yum, yum!!