Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pinecrest Vacation

Last week Drew and I went on vacation to my favorite vacation spot in the world. I grew up going to Pinecrest, CA (near Yosemite) every year. I hadn't been back to the cabin since I was 14. My Aunt and Uncle have a 2 bedroom cabin. Their were 18 people there including cousins etc. My brothers Brad and Mitch and my sister Janelle came as well as my parents. Lindsay and Cameron couldn't come because the had to go to Violin Institute. We hauled a tent trailer that we borrowed from my uncle and towed behind my van, so that we had enough places for everyone to sleep. We couldn't drive faster than 65 mph so it made for a long trip. We ended up taking what was supposed to be a short cut that added 5 hours to the trip, so it took a total of 17 hrs to get there. On the way back, my sister Janelle, who is pregnant, was car sick so we had to pull over every 45 minutes so she could ralph. That also added about 5 hrs to the trip on the way back. All in all the trip was a blast. We did a lot of hiking and swimming. Drew and I went kyacking. It was just nice to relax and be with family. I went to high Junior High and High School in a small town just 20 minutes away called Twain Harte. We had a chance to go see our old house and school which was fun. Drew and I were able to bond which was a perfect way to spend fathers day.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Once upon a prayer...

So, tonight, while saying our prayers with Drew before putting him to bed, he had a sudden memory lapse about how to begin a prayer. We always discuss with him what kinds of things he might want to say in his prayer and right when all of our heads were bowed, arms folded and eyes closed (these are the three things that we always make sure he is doing :) he looks at me and says: "How do we say it...once upon a time?" It was pretty hard not to laugh and to be serious. What a funny little boy. I love the things that he is always coming up with!