Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet cheeks and buck teeth

So, I have really neglected my blog holidays were not all that great and my new year was worse (I got pretty sick on a vacation :( ), and all in all 2010 has NOT been that great, I tried to start project 365 again, but I got way too busy and sick (the flu 3 times in 3 months thanks to an awful medication I was on). To be honest, I just felt defeated and depressed, I had all of these goals in mind, and didn't even really start them because of my health, so I just kind of had a bad attitude a gave up on some of my "extra" things, i.e. photography, blogging, scrapbooking, for a while. So, now I'm back. I realized they were too important to me to give up for too long. I'll try to do some updates and post some cute photos as I go, but for now I'll start with this:
I took some photos of the boys this week to give as gifts to TJ's grandmother and uncle. I didn't have any recent photos of the two of them, so I quickly took them outside onto the porch. I had NO time, it was the day of the party and Drew had to be at school within 25 minutes. I only took 60 photos, because the boys just couldn't hold still!! Thank goodness for a fast shutter speed! At first glance, I only found 1 that I really liked and then, after going through them to delete the ones I didn't like, I found three more. I thought I'd share because they crack me up,

The first one made me realize just how much they look alike. Especially when they both give me they're cheezzzy smiles. Both of they're eyes turn into half moons and they're cheek bones become very prominent. They get that from their daddy!

These next two photos are so adorable. I LOVE them, but (you can't tell unless you click on them to enlarge them) Cam is perfectly in focus and Drew is out of focus, just enough to bug me. I KNEW I should have closed down my aperture a few more stops! The face Cam is pulling in the first one is his classic picture face these days...

Again, I LOVE this, but Drew is just out of focus. I won't blow it up, but it will definitely get printed for a place in my house.

This last one was the one I gave away as a gift. I really love it. I wish Cam's smile was a little more genuine, but I love how close and cute they look. In the last three photos, Drew pretty much looks the same...but Cam's facial expression changes in each one.

I love these boys so much. They test my patience by the minute, HA!! I remember when I was 18 and new to Relief Society and hearing a young mom bearing her testimony, and in it she said, "Motherhood is the hardest thing I've ever done yet it's the most satisfying thing I've ever done." I looked around the room to see if anyone else was as confused as I was...and thought to myself, that does not sound appealing, who would want to do something so hard?? This mom thing probably isn't for me. But here I have two amazing little boys who present me with the most challenges I've ever faced, but yet, (just like the new mom in Relief Society) I wouldn't change anything about them or my life right now. I love being a mom, I love being a mom to my two boys.

p.s. Happy Anniversary to my sweet hubby! Today is our 7 year anniversary-we're celebrating it on Wednesday by going to dinner and Michael Buble-I'm VERY excited!!! I'm so grateful for the guy I'm married too, he teaches me so much and is a great dad and a great husband. I love you Teej :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Back....and Pretty Please Vote :)

Hey guys, if there is anybody who still happens to check and see if this blog is updated, I'll be shocked! :) I'll post more soon, but for now, I just want to ask you all to vote for one of my very best friends to go to New York!!! If any of you know her, she gets extra points when people put this on their Facebook or their blog. She's such an amazing girl, I'd love to see her get this opportunity. It just takes 5 seconds, seriously!!