Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Day...

This is how we started our day...Drew came downstairs with "underpants" on his head.  He calls them underpants now (he used to call them undie-wears) because his friend Ethan calls them that....and so does scooby doo.  It's very funny.  It was really dark in our house, so I pulled him to the back door to get a photo of him. 

Tonight Drew had a My Kind of Music concert.  MKOM is what my mother-in-law Karen teaches.  She has several groups of kids from pre-school age up through 6th grade.  I didn't get that many photos of Drew because we had to sit SO far back.  But, I got some C.U.T.E. ones of Cam.  

This is how our day ended...on a high note, get it....high note...Drews concert was wonderful, despite having to sit really far back (because of all of the people who save seats 5 hours early!!) and the heat, it was awful!  Drew was really cute, the songs were fun.  My mother-in-law did a really great job!  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sweet Little Babies

Look at the stinkin' cute baby birds we found in our tree...

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Funnies...

Here's Cam attempting to say "yellow" for the first time.....FUNNIEST. THING. I. HAVE. EVER. HEARD!!!!!  

Today, while we were running some errands in SLC, Drew noticed the cotton from the Cottonwood trees floating through the air.  He asked what they were, but before I could answer, he said, "I think they're pieces of clouds, or, or, orrrr (he stutters when he gets excited) or they're little baby clouds."  It was SO cute!  I love that he'd think of that.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stevens Family Funnies

Here are some of the funny things my kids have said, or did recently:

Drews new way of saying Thank You:  "I'm so proud of you mommy, good job for getting my cereal."  

Cam has a blister on his foot from his crocs but he calls it a blisterd...I don't know whether to think of it has a swear word or a name for poo.

Drew is very bossy, manipulative, and an amazing negotiator (I love him anyway...but he's way too much like his dad).  He should be an AMAZING lawyer or salesman one day.  When playing with Cam, he often says, "Camren (I didn't mispell his name, that's how Drew says it and I have to be exact when quoting), we've talked about this.  What did I say."  (The sad thing is, is that I say the same thing to him, he just thinks that he's an adult)

Whenever I give Cam choices, i.e., what would you like for Breakfast, what book would you like to read, which movie would you like to watch, etc.  He responds with a thoughful, "Uh, hmmmm."  In a very high voice, eyes looking up and he even sometimes taps his chin with his 1st finger!!  This kid is a crack up!!

Drew tends to have a hard time with arguing, stopping the arguing that is.  He asked me for some 'nilla wafers and milk on the way home from the grocery store today and I said, please wait until we get home and don't ask again or you'll have to wait until after quiet time.  (That's me thinking, I'll nip it in the bud...yeah. hugh. right.)  So, when he asked me again, I said, sorry buddy, you're gonna have to wait until after quiet time, to which he threw a fit and then said, ok mom, I won't ask anymore I promise.  This cycle of asking, then promising not to ask went on about 12 more times.  After the ump-tillionth time of asking I (was STILL not yelling-good job me) I told him to stop or he wouldn't get to ride bikes (the ULTIMATE punishment) and he stopped talking and would rub his stomach when he though I wasn't looking.  Seriously...he just WON'T ever stop!!!

My cute friend Jan made the cutest quilt for Drew, it has all of these patches and the is frayed around all the edges, even the ones on the inside of the blanket (I don't sew, so I don't know how else to describe this or what it's name is).  Anywho, Cam has become attached to this blanket and has one particular edge he has to have whenever he sleeps or needs comfort and he's named this edge fuzzy. It's the stinkin' cutest thing ever!!