Wednesday, February 27, 2008

if I were 16......

I'd have one serious crush on David Archuleta from American Idol. So far, he is my favorite contestant (and not because he's the kid from Utah;) He sang Imagine by John Lennon (a personal favorite) and BLEW me away! I went to go buy his performance on itunes this morning and it won't be available until friday....FRIDAY!!! I am so not a patient person. Seriously though, I want to listen to it sooo bad! It helps that he's easy on the eyes. Don't worry though, I do know that he is 11 years my junior....For anyone who didn't watch idol last night or who don't watch (?) it at all, I found his Performance on YouTube. Just turn down the volume on my blogs music player so you can hear it!

Now, for SOME funny stories. Last thursday, my husband went to a Stake music function and was asked to give the opening prayer. For those of you who know TJ, I understand how nervous you are right now. So anyway, he gets up to pray and says..."We're thankful for this Sabbath day,....oh...wait, it's not the Sabbath day, what am I thinking." OUT LOUD!!! He continued on with the rest of the prayer, even though the people in the room were rolling on the floor, and then finished with a bright red face. So funny! Then, on Sunday, I had to run home during the second hour of church and left the kids with TJ. Cameron happened to poo while I was gone and poor TJ was the one to find out that NO diapers or wipes were packed in the diaper bag that day. The really sad part though, is that he didn't find this out until he had already taken Cam's diaper off and had used it to scrape most of the poo off of Cams butt. He totally panicked! He tried to put the diaper back on, but because he'd used it to wipe poo, it was too messy. I'm sure you can ONLY imagine! So, he picked up a half-naked Cameron and went out into the hall and started asking people if they knew where the bathroom was. Picture it, if you can: TJ, frantically running around the church holding Cameron at arms length, only Cam is half naked with poo still on his butt! He finally found the bathroom and had to lay Cameron over two sinks and was madly pumping the paper towel dispenser and trying to wash the off the mess. Only, there was a guy in there who needed to wash his hands. At this point we are the last ward in the building and this guy has to be in our ward. What a FREAK he must think TJ is! They guy ended up leaving, and tj went back to the original changing station and had to put Cams clothes back on but with no diaper! This is when I showed up. He then proceeded to tell me the entire story, VERY LOUDLY, in the hall at church. I can't remember the last time that I laughed that hard!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


At the beginning of this year, I found the coolest blog-Ali Edwards' blog! Her site is filled with inspiration for the ultimate crafter, thinker, life-lover and more. She asked for all that were interested to choose a word that would best describe their goals and desires for the following year-sort of a New Year's resolution. The word that I chose was balance. I feel, especially after having moved to Utah, that I have so many things in this life that I want to accomplish. I have always had lots of hobbies and interests, but was never able to do "everything." I have since found my magical formula for Balance! I've learned bunches about myself recently and know for a fact that I am naturally a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, spastic, impulsive type. I have learned through raising my children (so far, in no way do I think that I know it all...) that scheduling and guidelines are key...everybody needs them. Especially ME!!! I have come up with a schedule (that's not the magical formula yet) that allows me to accomplish so much more. How do I do this you ask....? Well, it's really easy! I do a little of something everyday. I don't do EVERYTHING everyday, but that is where the schedule comes in! I allow myself to indulge in my hobbies and learn, but I alternate. Photography is on one day, scrap-booking is on the next...etc. I have found myself to be SO much happier! Plus, I am MAKING time for more important things like FHE, time with my sweetie, time with my kids, exercise (I know, don't faint!). I am also weeding out the things that waste time, things that take up the time I would really rather use doing the stuff I want to do!
All of this really came to a head when I was in Vegas supporting my sis-in-law Jill in the Miss America Pageant. She said something that really has made an impact on me. All she said was..."...move people to action." To me it was so profound! That is what I needed, to act upon all the things I want and usually only talk about (thanks Jill)! I really am so excited about these new found realizations and my abilities to ACCOMPLISH! I know, You all are probably thinking, "bless her heart...." I know I'm a geek, but I'm kinda ok with it right now :)! So, I know I'm not the only person to have "ah-ha" light bulb moments...What kind of things have moved you guys to action? What kind of things do you do to get yourself going, to get things done, to motivate yourself?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A few new finds.....

Happy Saturday Everybody!

I've been on the computer off and on all morning and have found some cool new things! First, Weeds and Wildflowers just opened their Weed Patch Forum today and are starting a whole new schedule for fun things... Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, you get this cute mini kit for free in their shop (you get a code in the newsletter).

Next, I found this AWESOME new website for clothes, accessories, and baby clothes! It is called the Shabby Apple and you can check it out here

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here is another layout for yet another challenge!! Credits: Weeds and Wildflowers: Shabby Fall Garden, Cherishing Every Moment and Cherishing Alpha, Believing in You; and Date Bits 2 Freebie from Misty Cato.

Here is a fun Valentine I made for one of Drew's best friends Savanna. (Credits: WW Pieces of my Heart, Warming the Heart, Rhonna Farrar, Shabby Princess journaling labels, p.s. I love you font.) They are so stinkin' cute when they play together, they are the ultimate toddler married couple. They fight like crazy, but then the next second they are laughing hysterically!
Here is a few funny stories from our little Drew this week:
On Saturday night, we put Drew to bed at about 8pm. At around 10:30, TJ and I decided to go to bed, so we checked on Drew. He was awake! So TJ asked him, "Drew why are you still awake?" and Drew responded, "Daddy, I am just thinking, like pooh bear thinks Daddy, see pooh bear thinks like this (then he tapped his little head with his index finger and said think, think, think, think)" So funny! I just love that little boy, he always keeps us on our toes. His innocence combined with his cute little voice just melts my little heart. Two days later...I was getting Drew ready for bed and I told him to go to the bathroom, he yelled back at me that there was something in the toilet, so he couldn't go. I thought that something just didn't get flushed, but, when I went in there, I saw this:

It took me 10 more minutes to get out of him who put these things in the toilet...he INSISTED that it was Cameron, until I pointed out to him that Cam can't open the bathroom door or lift the lid by himself and then he said, "Oh, mommy, maybe I did...I'm so sorry." His sweet little face with those big blue eyes staring up at me helped me to forgive him ;)

The rest of my pictures illustrate and further establish just how cute I think my kids are and also how much I love them! They are the loves of my life! I love the pictures of lil' Drew playing with his cars...he just loves to line up his cars and drive them around on the couch or on his little city carpet. And lastly, (but not least), my sweet cam, I love this picture of him! It looks like he is smiling with his eyes! I love my family!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Two new books, and a partridge in a pear tree....

So I was just playing around last night/this morning and stumbled across the up-coming release of 2 new books. One is called "The Host," and the other is called "Breaking Dawn"; both by Stephenie Meyer! Breaking Dawn is the 4th in the Twilight series...for more info visit Stephenie's Web Site I am a total Twilight nerd and am SOOO excited!!!! I think I might find a way to put a countdown on my blog....
In other news, my little Cam willingly cuddled with me today. I have had kind of a complex as of late...wondering if I was doing something wrong, because Cam has been the anti-cuddle baby! I just melted when he put his little head on my shoulder and stayed...for at least a minute! I just sat there and stroked his back...we had a real bonding moment. I just love my little baby boy.
Question, does anybody have ANY clue on how to keep Photoshop Elements from quitting unexpectedly? I am about this // close to throwing my computer out the window! I am sooo frustrated! Help!
And last, but NOT least, I found my favorite dance from "So You Think You Can Dance" on you tube. Here it is for your view pleasure, just remember to turn down the volume on my blogs music player.......sooo awesome!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I LOVE photoshop....!!!!

So, I have really been on a scrapping, photoshop, and photography fetish as of late...well, photography is the newer of the three, but am learning more and LOVING IT!! I made three pages this week and took some cute pictures of Cam.

Cam was so fun to photograph today! It was kinda hard to actually get him in any pictures. He was so happy and giggly and ran around the whole time. I am hoping to get some more pictures next week.

I still have just TONS to learn about photography, but am enjoying the journey. Our little family is doing pretty well right now. Drew grows more attitude every day...some cute, some not so cute. He is my cuddly, warm, sweet, happy little boy. Him and I have so much fun together! Today we played "ball in the hall" (a fun game from my childhood, that is self explanatory), we had such a riot! We read some books together then took goofy pictures of silly!
TJ's new business is going SO well, better than anybody expected (they just started in December!). I am so proud of my sweetie for how hard he works. He works as hard, or harder than I have ever seen him work. He is so awesome. I love you sweetie! Anywho, here is the fruits of this weeks labors. Enjoy!!!!!