Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here is another layout for yet another challenge!! Credits: Weeds and Wildflowers: Shabby Fall Garden, Cherishing Every Moment and Cherishing Alpha, Believing in You; and Date Bits 2 Freebie from Misty Cato.

Here is a fun Valentine I made for one of Drew's best friends Savanna. (Credits: WW Pieces of my Heart, Warming the Heart, Rhonna Farrar, Shabby Princess journaling labels, p.s. I love you font.) They are so stinkin' cute when they play together, they are the ultimate toddler married couple. They fight like crazy, but then the next second they are laughing hysterically!
Here is a few funny stories from our little Drew this week:
On Saturday night, we put Drew to bed at about 8pm. At around 10:30, TJ and I decided to go to bed, so we checked on Drew. He was awake! So TJ asked him, "Drew why are you still awake?" and Drew responded, "Daddy, I am just thinking, like pooh bear thinks Daddy, see pooh bear thinks like this (then he tapped his little head with his index finger and said think, think, think, think)" So funny! I just love that little boy, he always keeps us on our toes. His innocence combined with his cute little voice just melts my little heart. Two days later...I was getting Drew ready for bed and I told him to go to the bathroom, he yelled back at me that there was something in the toilet, so he couldn't go. I thought that something just didn't get flushed, but, when I went in there, I saw this:

It took me 10 more minutes to get out of him who put these things in the toilet...he INSISTED that it was Cameron, until I pointed out to him that Cam can't open the bathroom door or lift the lid by himself and then he said, "Oh, mommy, maybe I did...I'm so sorry." His sweet little face with those big blue eyes staring up at me helped me to forgive him ;)

The rest of my pictures illustrate and further establish just how cute I think my kids are and also how much I love them! They are the loves of my life! I love the pictures of lil' Drew playing with his cars...he just loves to line up his cars and drive them around on the couch or on his little city carpet. And lastly, (but not least), my sweet cam, I love this picture of him! It looks like he is smiling with his eyes! I love my family!


Kirk and Janelle Tingey said...

Oh my Goodness!! Drew cracks me up! He is too dang cute!

Anonymous said...
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Jayni and Jake said...

That toilet incident is all too familiar......and it's TOBY! It is his passionate hobby & he's now figured out how to lift the toilet lid.....OH NO!