Monday, March 30, 2009

Hukt on foniks

Last week we experienced a big new thing with Drew.  He played in his first EVER soccer game! It was really fun.  This week we are embarking on a new adventure.  Reading.  Drew brought a little book home from Pre-School a few days a go.  We are in full homework mode!  It is getting me excited for him to go to Kindergarten!  Anyway, this book that Drew brought home to read is pretty basic.  The book teaches two word endings-am & en and four new words-I, am, and & the.  He had a hard time the first couple of times through (I was surprisingly patient...I know, take a moment, gather yourselves).  As we have read it through more and more, he is getting better.  I have found though, through teaching him these new words, that he has a certain way of saying things.  He kind of has Utah talk.  You know, moun'in (mountain) Lay'in (layton), etc. Instead of "and" he says "an,"  "da" for "the," then there's "at" for "that."  Then there's my fav:  Ith...which is supposed to be "if."  It's been so, SO funny to see him realize that what he's been saying is wrong.  I love this new journey though!  I LOVE to read, so I'm excited to help him learn.  I hope he loves it too (I'm worried he won't though....TJ HATES reading!).  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Contest

There's a little photo contest that I'm going to enter and I'm hoping this photo is it!!  It's a photo I took of Cam this time last year, but it's one of my favorites!!  Wish me luck :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How a haircut will save your life....

Cam got a haircut this morning, he looks so cute, all fuzzy.  I love when his hair is short.  I love it medium and long too, but there's something about a new haircut.  His ears stick out a little bit, his eyes look bigger, he looks more like a baby.  Another thing about a haircut; it can save your life.  Today, Cam was into everything, you know, just being a typical 2 year old.  Plus, he resisted for about an hour for going down for a nap, the kid is stubborn.  He was driving me crazy!  I turned around at one point to just yell at him, and I saw this beautiful light touching his cheek and his slight elf-like ears were silhouetted by the light, and my heart melted.  His big blue eyes looked up at me... but he knew I was about to lay the smack DOWN!  So, when I grabbed my Camera instead, he gave me this look.  

then this one...oh she's NOT yelling, ok turn UP the innocence. 
then this one, ok now the cuteness...

now the silliness...moment over.  Everybody's happy.

You see, if he wasn't cuter than he was say, yesterday, than I might of sold him to the first person who stopped by the corner.   Thanks to TJ for being inspired to shave that boys head...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Toddler Talk

Cam is learning to say more of what is on his mind these days.  It seems his intelligence increases daily!  I love to see him understand more and express himself more with words (and not crying or throwing fits), a sign that babyhood is truly behind him.  Even more than speaking though Cam loves to sing.  He has quite a few songs that he can sing:  The Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the ABC's, Rocky-bye (I really don't know the real title to this one...), Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, I am a Child of God and Popcorn...(again, the title?)  But before you get too surprised at the library of songs he can sing, lets look a little closer at each song, and his, well, .....interpretation.
The Wheels on the bus:
He knows the actions, and rubbing his eyes for when the "babies on the bus...", but he usually just ends up singing, "all too da town."  
The Itsy Bitsy Spider:
He loves the actions, and I get a HUGE kick out of what he calls that spider.  Instead of saying the itsy bitsy spider, it sounds more like the itchy (now add a "b" to that and, and there's your second word!).  Very funny.
Twinkle twinkle is so, so sweet.  It usually goes like this:  "twinka, twinka witta stah, ha uh wuh uh whu uh are.  Uh, uh, uh, uh uh uh uh high, wike a dye-min in da sky, twinka twinka witta stah, ha uh wuh uh whu uh are."  He usually repeats this three or four times.
The ABC's: 
This is my personal favorite:  A _ _ _ _ _ Cheese (G)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ P_ _ S _ _ _B (V) dubba a X ah eh C (Z), ow i o i ABC's (sung VERY loudly), X ty o eh sing wif eee.  I'm really proud that my 2 year old is teaching himself the ABC's, I hope he'll understand what his teachers are talking about when they start talking about the letter G (what? there's no G!! or how'll they'll explain to him that there aren't two "B's" in the alphabet).
Rocky-Bye:  This song goes like this (this is how TJ and I sing it) "Rocky bye, don't you cry, for we are going to Gram-my's, over the hill, down by the mill to see the little lam-mies."  He loves this one so much, he requests it at church...
Now Cam's version:
"Wockee bye, don a cwy, ..........gwam-my's, ................................lam-mies"
Now the next one is PROOF that the crazy antics that are acted out during "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," are natural.  Cam will sing this on the top of his lungs, well, all he can say is "BEAM!" really loud and he jumps up.  I did NOT teach him this.  See, I told you.
I am a Child of God:  This one is so sweet too,  all he says is "..............God,........................................kind an dear...................walk me fiiiin gin.
Popcorn:  He doesn't really know the words to this, but I love it when he does the actions along with me!!
One of the other things he has learned to do lately is Pray.  Well, we help prompt him.  But it is absolutely, without a doubt, hands DOWN the cutest thing EVER.  His voice automatically goes up at LEAST 3 octaves and ....okay, here's how it usually goes (the words in the parenthesis are me or TJ prompting him):
(Heavenly Father):  Heehhh Faddah
(We're thankful for this day):  a tank-uh uh dddaaaayyyy
(We're thankful for our family):  a uhhhh uuhhhhh faaaammmmweeeeee
(Please help us to sleep well tonight):  uhhhhhhhhhaahhhhhhuhhhhh  night
(We say these things):  ah suhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  ings
(In the name):  a naaaammee
And he can say the rest very well.  The first couple of times that he said it, TJ and I kept looking at each other because it was just so stinkin' cute!!!  (Don't judge us, you would too if you heard it!!) :)  
p.s.  I didn' really take a photo of him praying...that would be totally sacra-lidge...I just had him fold his arms and bow his head as IF he were saying a prayer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cam's Blankie

This is actually Drews blankie, but Cam has taken it over and he cannot go to sleep without it! The best part of it is that he loves to touch the fuzzy edges to his lips.  This is HOW he falls asleep!  I love this photo of Cam.  I actually took it about a year ago, and just found it again (I have ALOT of photos!!).  I could take a picture really similar to this right now-a year later- because he still loves this blankie :)  I love the way the editing turned out, and then the scrapbook page I made with it...
How I scrapped it: