Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Creative Juices!

My creative juices have really been flowing lately (scrapbookily-I know that's not a word-speaking). I LLLLURVE IT! Here is the product of those juices ;) For credits, click on the link below each image.

So in Love

Drew + Savanna

Cam's Sweet Scowl

Funny Faces
So, I don't know if any of you have heard the song "The Way I Are" by Timbaland, (Such a fun song!) but if you have, you probably want to groove anytime that you hear like Drew, Cam and I do. Drew just LOVES this song. He calls it his favorite song and dances to it whenever I turn it on. Well, he noticed the words a few days ago. At the end it goes like this: "Baby girl....(some other words I don't know) baby girl...etc. It does this a few times. So, for the past few days, Drew has been walking around the house singing..."Baby Girl..." Hmmmm....I know, I know: Mother of the year.
Some good news: We found out yesterday that the people who own our house (yes, we're renting 'til our house in Vegas sells) are going to put in a concrete slab (perfect to hold our Grill, and a fence up in the next couple of months. TJ and I are soooo excited! I am especially excited, because I am dying to cook on the grill again (in Vegas I could grill year round) and it will be so nice to let the kids play outside without worrying that they will wander! Wooo hoo!


Heather said...

These pages are seriously so good! You need to become a professional scrapbooker lady!

Jamie said...

So...once you do start grilling, make sure you invite your FAVORITE neighbors down the street over for dinner. (US! DUH! Hee hee!)

Blaine and Lindsay said...

You are really good at the scrapbooking thing! And how the heck did you change your blog backgroud? It is so cute! I swear I spent like 5 hours trying to figure it out, so I will have to have you show me how to do it. I am serious, I need help.