Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years with the Deevens

We had THE best weekend with our BFF's :) the Dees over the New Year Holiday up at my parents cabin in Bear Lake. We drove up last Wednesday (with a short stop in Evanston to buy some pyro-entertainment-ahem...fireworks). For New Years Eve, we made a TON of was sooooo goood...watched fireworks (Debbie, Emmi, and I stayed up at the cabin while TJ and Ben took the boys down to light off the goods. Emmi was pretty bummed she couldn't go help. It was freezing!!), played games, wore New Year tiara's and screamed and yelled to bring in the New Year. Here are some pic's I took of the fireworks...thanks to my new tripod...

The next few days we just enjoyed the opportunity to relax. We read, took naps, watched movies...ate tons of twinkies ;) We played some really fun games too. We really loved Scruples and Cranium.
We LOVED playing guitar hero, Debbie was the Queen of it all, she was AMAZING!!!! Even Drew and Ethan played. They were so cute with the huge guitars around their little necks, hee hee!

I took some pics of the SWEET little Eiley...look at those EYES!!! She is the happiets, cutest, sweetest little girl. I just loved taking pictures of her!

Ben and Debb brought up their Wii and we had THE best time playing it! Here are a few pics of Teej and Ben playing funny!!


Sarah said...

How fun! Happy New Year!

Ben Dee said...

Now those are some nice pictures of some FINE individuals! We had a blast with you guys! Thanks for the invite!

Debbie said...

This was so much fun! Awesome fireworks pictures! It was worth sitting out on the porch freezing. :)