Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Dad :)

Those of you who know me well probably know how much I love my Dad and how much I look up to him. Well, he has FINALLY created a website to showcase his work-his AMAZING photography. For as long as I can remember, he has been involved in photography. Before digital, my dad had a darkroom and him and I would develop pictures together. These are some of my favorite memories of my childhood and of him and I together. He is Incredibly talented, and would deny it if told so...one of his more endearing qualities. Now that I have begun my journey to learn more of this beautiful art form, I am even more amazed by his knowledge and talent. I'm grateful he has taken the time to show me and teach me. Most importantly, my dad always relates the beauty of the subjects in his photographs to the Lord and the beautiful world He has given us. I'm so grateful that he shares his testimony through his talent. I love you DAD!!!
To see my dad's Photography click HERE


The Orton Family said...

Wow! He really is amazing! I can see where you inherited your talent.

Becki said...

Holy Cow!! He is amazing. I had no idea! I mean, I knew he was a good photographer, but those pictures are really beautiful. Looks like you'll be able to really learn from the best! I'm jealous :)