Sunday, November 16, 2008


7 things I can do:
1. Play the violin.
2. Cook pasta like NO other!
3. Organize closets, drawers, cupboards...nothing makes me happier than perfectly folded towels and color coded clothes :)
4. Waste time...I REALLY have to try hard to stay on task!!
5. Creativ-y, Crafty things...scrapbook (digital of course).
6. Stay up late for SEVERAL nights in a row...but I always regret this. It's just so nice to have no distractions!
7. Lose my patience really fast, something I'm REALLY trying to work on.

7 Things I CAN'T do:
1. Be consistent with dieting...I'm picture perfect for about a week, week and a half. Then I crash! Ughhhh!!!!
2. Argue...My husband always wins :)
3. Remember things... I can be so flighty! My uncle Bob calls it "a fart in the wind."
4. Eat spicy food...I hate it when my mouth is on can't taste anything else!!!
5. Take naps. I'll be up ALL night, and if I take a sleep aid...then I'll be groggy til' noon.
6. STAND mouth noises!!! Chew with your mouth closed! (TJ!)
7. Control myself with spending money. I'm slowly getting better. TJ is definitely the frugal one in our relationship!

7 Things that Attracted me to my Husband.
1. His lips, they are SO smooth and super squishy. (and NO, that's not too much information) hee, hee
2. His sense of humor, I give him a hard time for going "over the line," but I have to admit, it makes me laugh.
3. He thinks that I'm HOT-but he was dropped on his head multiple times as a child.
4. He things I'm funny.
5. He honors his Priesthood.
6. He can speak Italian.
7. He's TOTALLY sexy...especially when he wears cologne (hint, hint teej).

7 things I always say:
1. For the LOVE!
2. Really...REALLY!!!
3. Yeah....ok!!!
4. Can you chew with your mouth closed please!!! PLEASE!!!
5. What the H (I learned that from my girl Mandi) hee, hee
6. Because mommy said, that's why!
7. Uh, uh, no, No, don't touch!!

7 Things I love to eat:
1. Sugar.
2. Chocolate.
3. Diet Coke with Lime.
4. Pasta.
5. Cheese.
6. Cereal.
7. Scrambled Eggs.

7 People I am tagging:
1. Jen Jenkins
2. Becki
3. Meghan
4. Debbie
5. Sarah Talbot
6. Janelle
7. Whitney


Jamie said...

HA HA! Love the lists! You always make me laugh! I will miss you in YW's. Hope everything is going well with the new house. :)

(Oh, and I made my blog private. If you want an invite, email me at

Sarah said...

Hey! I talked to your husband--how do you like your house? I would love to come see it! Call me when you are settled.

Jan said...

We are so much alike, I forget that with being so far away and such but I am reading about you and agree with what you say other than the really great talents. No Violins, no pasta chef

Jan said...

PS did you move?

Whitney said...

So I totally miss you and your funny littlw quirks! Can we get together and TALK SOON! I am dying to come see your new house too!

DeNae said...

Lindsey!! How fun to see your comment on my blog! I want you to know I have MISSED you, you talented NORMAL woman (a rare combination, to say the least!) I'm totally going to follow your blog now! (How on earth did you find mine in the 100 zillion blogs out there??) Can you believe I'm doing the MoYo SYMPHONY & the chorus this year?? My mother always told me I had more guts than brains, and apparently she was right! Fingers crossed!

Jill said...


My goodness girl! I can't believe I haven't been on your blog sooner! I love it AND I love your pictures! I am so looking forward to Saturday! Love ya!

Mandi said...

Yeahhhhhh.. I loved it. I am so excited to see you. I forget how stinkin cool you are. you are the best