Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's been THAT kind of week...

It's just been one of those kinds of weeks. Nothing horrible has happened...but my boys have pushed me to the end of my rope every day this week! Every Sunday I have this grand planning meeting with me and my planner and I sit and make goals and plan my week. And, after four years, one would think I would plan "kids" into my day. I'm having a hard time balancing between having a clean house, being a good mom, a good wife, plus having personal time. I SUCK at it!! So, I start the week with these GRAND plans, don't get them done for various reasons, get frustrated when I can't do everything then I start over on Sunday....what a cycle!! Maybe I'm just too high strung! :) I tend to have a little OCD, ahem, I mean perfectionism (is that a word) problem :P
Anywho, this week really wasn't that bad...maybe I feel that way now that I've successfully vented about it :)
Here is some of the "highlights."

On Tuesday...or was it Monday...anyway, yeah Cam (bless his little blond heart) decided to break into the pantry (he can officially open doors-yes people, the round door knobs, not the levers). He brought out a FULL box of Macaroni and Cheese crackers and dumped the ENTIRE box onto the couch.
Observe exhibit A:

Cam has been trying my patience ALL week. He climbs everything (including my grand piano) and laughs when I punish him. Mom, since I'm blogging this and we're not talking face to face you can have your little laugh. I know that your are just LOVING karma right now.
Today, I decided to get the boys dressed up and try to take their pictures. I drove to a favorite site and 45 minutes later I was ready to slit my wrists. Don't be fooled by the cuteness of the following pictures. These are three of 150!! This was all I could get!!! Every time that I'd get them arranged, Cam decided to run as fast as he could in the opposite direction! And he would laugh while running, thinking that it was a game!!! So there I was running as fast as I could to get him with my camera around my neck and a lense in my hoodie pocket. I can only imagine what I looked like! And, it seems a little ironic that I'd get my kids in position, chase Cam, swat his bum, then sit and try to make them smile for a picture. Am I the biggest hypocrite EVER!?!?! ARGGGGHHHHHH!! Thank goodness Drew is a HAM, he cooperated. Good job Drew.

Last, but not least, Cam woke up with a Snotty nose this morning and so I gave him gallons (not really) of sugar-free grape kool-aid. This was the result: (his diaper literally weighed 3 lbs...yes, I weighed it, hee, hee)
Now, I call him my little Joe the Plummer. :)


David and Tiffany said...

Sorry it's been "that kind of week." I know what you mean though! It's hard when you can't get everything done on your "to do" list. It seems to be a vicious cycle for me as well! Your boys are adorable though. Hopefully next time the pictures will go a little better for you. It's always hardest when you're the one trying to take the pictures of your own kids!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry! I have those weeks EVERY time I try to plan and be organized. It's so hard!
By the way, I was going to call and say that my VT's are coming on Monday morning, so we need to push the 'lesson' back a little. Then I realized--YOU are my VT!! ha ha. What a dork.

Jan said...

Are you two interested in going to the melting pot and to the human body thingy downtown?

Becki said...

The 3 pictures you got are adorable!! Sorry the week has been rough. Next week will be better. The bottom picture of your little plumber is hilarious! Are you in your new house yet?

Becki said...

Yes, that is our stake! Are you going to conference tomorrow then or do you want me to pass along the news? I think they are making a bunch of changes. Who knows...we could end up in the same ward!!!

Kirk and Janelle Tingey said...

What a cute post! I miss your kids!