Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lost in Translation

My little Cam has been learning so many words lately. It's hard to understand him, unless you see him everyday and your used to his's you understand!? So, I thought I'd give some translations to the words he is saying...or trying to say.

Drink: (this is my favorite) a wink!
Milk: moke.
Juice: a juce, juce.
More food: a num, a num.
Snack: a nack, a nack (usually very whiney)
Monkey: a mokey, a mokey
*Note..notice how much he repeats. Very, very funny :)
Blankie: a bankie, a bankie.
Train: too toot.
Car: Bee beep.
Truck: wuck.
Tractor: Toppie
Scoop: coop.
Gross: gose.
Eww: (wrinkles nose, squints eyes and grunts) ewwwwwww.
Shirt: shuit
Hand: a han, a han.
Toes: tow.
Nose: (very nasaly) gnose (gn like nya).
Tongue: ton
Button: (as in belly button) butty.
Bath: a bat, a bat.
Daddy: a daddy, a daddy.
Mommy: mommy, a mommy.
Drew: a doo, a doo *he always asks me a doo? a doo? whenever we Drop Drew off at singing class or at Pre-school.
Elmo: emmo
Doggie: a goggie, a goggie.
Sheep: ship
Boat: a bote
House: house...I love that he knows this?
Get in the Car: a go, a go.
Piano: pano
Music: zic.
Movie: a mowie, a mowie.
Get Down: a down, a down.
Bike: a bike, a bike, a bike.
Outside: a side, a side.
Motorcycle: sookie.
Horse: moose.
Pumpkin: a puhkin, a puhkin.


meleah said...

How cute!!! Jenna talks but nothing audible!! I love her age, it's probably one of my favorite stages.
BTW-I loved talking to you the other day!

Becki said...

Ah, I love it. I think it's so cute how they learn to communicate and express what they want. And I think it's special to be the only one (aside from Daddy) who can translate what they are saying sometimes. What a cutie!

Rozalyn said...

Oh my gosh! He is so dang cute! I really need to hear this language, it sounds so cute and funny!!

Jenn J. said...

I learned he can also say fish. He loves ours. Get the boy a fish! :) I love this post. Toddlers learning how to talk is the best.