Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For the bazillionth time...FOOD STORAGE!

OK, I know that we ALL know about this, but who is actually doing anything? I know I'm not. Here is an idea...TJ and I are going to use our economic stimulus refund (the one that everyone is getting) and are going to purchase the most food storage we can get. I've read about five different blogs that have shared a link with a national news website or something...and found one I want to pass on. I feel like I hear something about food storage every day now and I am finally listening. For all of my blogging buddies who shared an article and/or their feelings about the subject, thank you...it has surely gotten me moving.
Here is the link I promised.

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Jenn J. said...

We dont have near enough food storage. We need lots more. Thanks for the reminder, and the added guilt. :)

;) You know I love you.