Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ten Random Things about me...

My friend Jayni tagged me! I feel like I am a pretty open person, so it's hard for me to think of things that most people don't know about me....Here goes!

1. I have some serious OCD! I have to load the dishes a VERY specific way, clothes in my closet must be organized by color, type, and all facing the same direction. I also have to have all of my drawers organized, or else I'll be up all night thinking about it!
2. I love make-up...deep, deep down, I would love to learn to be a make-up artist.
3. I play games on my ipod at night! I have about 10 games on my ipod and I have to play a game every night!! Right now, my favorite is The Sims Bowling...only because I just beat the game Zuma!
4. I love cheese...I know, I'm wierd! But, every meal I cook, usually includes at LEAST two different kinds of cheese. My fav's right now are Mzithra, brie (sp?), goat, and feta. Really, though? That is just the TIP of the iceberg!!
5. I love the show October Road right now, the writing is not very good, and it is really just a prime time Soap!
6. I love to cuddle with my kids at night when they are sleeping, Cameron is a light sleeper, but with Drew I go climb into bed with him and just kiss his little cheeks and sniff his cute.
7. I have a low noise threshold...if too many noisy toys are on and the tv is on, the kids are running, I'm busy...I'll just blow up! I think I need to work on that.
8. I'm obsessed with smells! I usually have a candle going all the time, I have some type of smelly air freshener thingy in every room, I LOVE perfume, lotions, yummy lip glosses. Sorry, If I've ever overwhelmed any of you!
9. I HATE cleaning, but I LOVE the feeling of a clean house, I have just learned to "buck up" and do it anyway!
10. I love lists! I make a to do list every night with all the hopes in the WORLD of getting everything done! I just love to accomplish things and check things off!

There, that HONESTLY took me like a half an hour. Like I said before, I feel like you all know ALOT about me! Well, hopefully you learned something new today (thats for you Jayni!)


Heather said...

October Road is nothing to be ashamed of! It's pretty much the greatest. You should come over and watch it with me sometime! P.S. How was your trip?

Heather said...
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Jayni and Jake said...

Thanks Linds!!! You are so darn cute. I loved the snugglin part & we are twins with the cheese & OCD thing.......I through an almost all - nighter making my blog look good, because I couldn't stop thinking about it. AAAGGHH!

Kirk and Janelle Tingey said...

That was great Linds!! I didn't know like most of those things! Who knew you were obsessed with cheese!