Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Cam!!!

My little Cam turned one this last Saturday! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. I can remember so clearly, the days leading up to his birth and the days after. I can't believe its already been a year...He is such a joy in our family. He is so sweet, fun and ADORABLE! He is my little destroying angel right now. He is walking now and loves to climb stairs. He also loves to pull all of my CD's out of their shelf, open any drawer or cupboard that he can! It is so cute, yet frustrating at the same time. He can wave bye, and says uh-oh. I'm so grateful for my little blonde boy. He makes me so happy....

We celebrated Cam's birthday on Sunday the 13th with both of our families. We had Lasagna, green salad, and garlic bread for
Dinner and I made a mint and oreo ice-cream cake for Cam's birthday cake (p.s. thanks for the inspiration Jill!!). We opened presents and had a great time visiting. Here are some pictures!

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Kirk and Janelle Tingey said...

Has it already been a year? Where did the time go? That's amazing. He is so cute. You are so lucky to have two beautiful boys.