Monday, July 23, 2012

Our impromptu day in the city!

The week following our vacay to Vancouver was our lazy week.  We didn't have plans to go anywhere during the week and we had no plans to go on a mini-excursion on the weekend as ones past.  Monday came and went with the usuals- laundry, practicing, a yummy lasagne dinner, swimming in the hot-tub and reading.  On tuesday, I was going to take the kids to picnic and play at a park or take them to see Brave while the cabin was being cleaned.  At the last minute, TJ decided to come too.  The internet was down and he wasn't able to work.  We took off and TJ tried to work a little while I drove.  We decided try and see some things we wanted to in downtown Seattle.  So we called ahead to make reservations and ask for additional info and headed into town.  Our first stop was at the Seattle bug zoo.  It was right below Pikes Market and it took us a while to find it.  I'm not sure what we had in mind for  this zoo, but what it ended up being wasn't quite what we thought it'd be.  It was the size of a small shop, only a handful of people could be in it at a time.  There was the front of the "zoo" that was like the gift shop and then we went through a door taking us to see al the bugs.  (Side note- I am not a fan of bugs, especially the spider variety or anything with a gillion legs.  As I right this even, I have my feet tucked firmly under me in the chance that a spider might try to crawl on me...shudder...)  There were about 50 tanks filled with all kinds of bugs.  we saw bugs that looked like dead, curled up fall leaves, Katydids that looked like HUGE grasshoppers, a totally grody millipeed thing and my personal faves (note-heavy sarcasm added here) tarantulas and roaches!  I had the chills for the 25 minutes we were in this 90 degree 99% humidity room.  Taking pictures of these..a...things helped take my mind off of the hair standing on my neck.  This is how great a mom I am, by taking my boys to something like this.  I was cool mom today- they LOVED it!

this little lovely was the size of my dads fist...maybe even bigger and my dad has really big hands.  It was called a bird killer tarantula.  I still have nightmares that I'm the bird.

Here is a beautiful black widow-I dream of her showing up in my bathroom in the middle of the night some time when I have to get up and use the loo.  Free-kee.


Another beautiful hairy crawly, eight legged spider :)

roaches- the bottoms look like they're just staring at you don't they?  It's magical!

katy-did that looked like a ginormous grasshopper.  Fun fact trivia- my adorable little brother used to put these in my clothing drawers and in my bed when I was a teenager.  Love him!

After the Bug Zoo, we found a great ice-cream place for the boys and a yummy cupcake place for me and enjoyed our treats.  Then, we went to Theo chocolate factory for a tour.  We got to wear these awesome hair nets.  Cam's looked like a front-mullet or a fro-llet as I like to call it!  Eli refused to wear his.  The tour was really interesting.  To see the process from the tree to the end result was very informative.  We got to walk through the factory and try a bunch of chocolate.  YUM!

Here, we're in their kitchens learning more about the confections they make.  They offered some samples, one of which had scotch in it and Drew almost ate it.  
Then, when we were in the shop, there were samples all around and he, not thinking of whether or not he should try these delicious samples had a small piece of chocolate with coffee in it.  When he found out what he'd eaten he was devastated.  He felt so, so bad for having eaten it and then having almost eaten the one with the scotch in it.  Poor guy, he was really upset about it.  
This is where the good part of the day ended.  Everything was fine, we were happy, Eli was about to have a nap.  All was well.  Then, we had horrible traffic on the way home, our front bumper kept coming off and TJ would have to pull over and push it back on and we had to stop for groceries, which ended up taking over an hour (I had dropped TJ off at the park, at his request, with all 3 kids while I picked up the 5 items I needed).  In true Lindsay fashion, I took my time.  I didn't mean to take my time- I kind of just naturally do.  I'm a slow shopper.  Plus, I ended up going to two different stores to get what I needed.  As I loaded my groceries into the back of the van I realized the stroller wasn't there.  I just figured TJ had it with him.  NOPE.  When I got back to the park, he was grumpy because the kids were at their wits end and Drew needed a bathroom pronto.  I asked him if he had taken the stroller with him and he said no.  Well, guess what?  I had forgotten to put it into the back of the car when we left the chocolate factory hours before in downtown Seattle.  Well done Linds!  We drove home in silence except for Eli's protests about being in the carseat and having to pullover very quickly to avoid an explosion from Drew.  It was my favorite day of the week thus far *said with MUCH sarcasm.  We called the chocolate factory the next morning to see if they saw, or could see our stroller.  No such luck.  

Good thing the rest of the week was good.  On Wednesday, TJ visited models all day and had to buy a new stroller.  The boys and I did our usual things on Wednesday and Thursday.  I feel like we've really made some progress on their instruments the past few weeks.  Even though it sometimes takes up 1/3 of our day, it's been worth it to see their growth.  We've been working especially hard on note reading!  Even though we had a little bump in the road this week, it was still a good week.  We have really enjoyed being together as a family and hanging out together.  We've done all kinds of things we wouldn't have done if we were back home.  TJ and I feel strongly that we need to make more time for these moments to be able to happen more often when we do get back home.  So glad to be up here!  We're loving it :)

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