Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Fun Fourth of July!

After our first weekend here in Washington, we were happy to have some more relaxed days at home.  I did laundry, cooked and practiced with the two older boys. I also spent a lot of time chasing this little monkey around.

The cabin isn't the most baby proof of places.  We have a system in place though, until he figures out how easy it would be to get where he really wants to go.  We have positioned a gate in front of the smaller flight of stairs, but it isn't set up between two walls so he could easily climb up the side of the stairs.  But it's not that flight of stairs that I'm concerned about, it's the one in the distance (shown in the picture below) and the one that leads to the basement.  The little stinker flies to whichever one he can get to.

For the fourth, we headed out early to go see a Rangers baseball game.  It was the perfect day!  It just so happened that this particular 4th of July, was the the first one with Sunny, clear weather in 10 years. Lucky us!  The Baseball game was so much fun.  It was a family day so there were lots of families and kids.  We even got a free hotdog and drink with our ticket.  

Our seats were behind home plate and they came with a great birds-eye view of the whole field and stadium.  And we caught our first glimpse of Mount Ranier (WOW!) as well. 

The nice thing about our seats was that they were shaded...the bad thing about our seats was also that they were shaded- it was cold!  Toward the end of the game we moved over to a sunny spot.  Cam befriended some nice guys and they gave him a dollar- he was pretty excited.  Eli finally crashed after refusing to up in the shaded area.  It would have been nice to have him as a heater up in the shaded seats ;)

After the game, we headed up to Snoqualmie Falls.  The drive there was beautiful!  We passed Samamish Lake and drove through some beautiful communities.  I didn't realize the amount of water that is this area.  There are rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, waterfalls-EVERYWHERE!  We cross over so many rivers while out and about.  It's incredible and so, so beautiful.  I was also surprised by the trees- I probably sound ridiculous, but really.  There's know way to see the Metropolis and sprawling city around you because of the all the trees.  They're spectacular though- they're huge, and moss covered and so densely packed.  

After the Falls, we went to dinner with TJ's aunt DD, uncle Jim and Grandpa.  We went to a fun seafood place called the Crab Cracker.  So yummy!

TJ took the boys to a local fireworks show near our cabin.  I stayed back with Eli, but apparently it was a hit!  All three boys loved it.

What a fabulous day!  We enjoyed every minute of it.  

After our fun Fourth of July, we had another down day of practicing, cooking, playing games and so forth. 

Eli enjoying his lunch

Watch for the next post- Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Ranier!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks like you guys are having a great time. I'm so glad!

Brit said...

I"m loving these updates! Looks like a great adventure, and you're making such awesome memories with your boys!

Anonymous said...

How fun to follow your adventures! Thanks for taking the time to share! Love you all :)