Sunday, April 4, 2010

This little boy, Vegas and skinny jeans

So, I'm writing today about a little boy who, albeit seriously ADORABLE, is a ginormous pain in the butt; and a fun trip I took and some cute skinny jeans. First, I'm going to tell you all about my awesome trip to Vegas with my bestie Deb. Deb and I planned to go to Vegas before Christmas. We wanted to do a girls trip and Vegas sounded like fun. We went the first weekend in February, and we stayed at the Luxor hotel. My girl Deb is a wiz at finding deals, bargains and the like. I repel them. She was able to get us a great deal on our room. The first day we got there late in the afternoon-we got settled into our room and then we headed to a nearby mall to get dinner, do some shopping and then go see a movie. We saw When In Rome, which was really cute-mostly because Josh Duhamel was really, really cute ;) The next morning we slept in (yay!!) then we headed down the strip to find some more shopping and to find a show to see that night. We found a half-price ticket place and we got reservations to a really great restaurant in the Venetian, then went to the Blue Man Group. It was SOO funny, my mouth hurt and was crying because I was laughing so hard. It was so random, crazy and just hilarious! The next day, we went down to Prim for....wait for it,......more shopping. After that I showed Deb some things about Vegas that I loved. After that we went back to our hotel, we got some pizza, ice-cream and rented a movie. The next day we drove home. It was such an awesome weekend. We found out just how much we had in common, laughed a lot and just really deepened our friendship. My favorite part of the trip though, was the drive there and back. The conversation was great, we listened to music and laughed there too.
The day after I got home, I gave the kids the presents I got them (minus the m&m stuff I bought them at the m&m store...I lost that!!!)- two t-shirts. Cam's was a cute rocket ship t-shirt, shown in the next two photos:

He looks so sweet and happy in his new shirt, right? Well, it lasted for half the day before he colored all over it with a dry-erase marker. Ugh. I was SOO mad. I JUST got him this shirt!! I know my kid is more important than a shirt, blah, blah, blah.....but SERIOUSLY!!! The kid has made some kind of drawing/painting/sketch in just about every room. So, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that his next piece of art would be on his clothes. I just wish he would've waited a week, or maybe a month. No really, a couple of months has passed now and it's not really a big deal, and we've been able to remove most of the art work from throughout the walls of our house. And now, he's moved on to other things that drive me crazy and so the cycle continues.
SOOO, the last part of this lengthy blog is that while down in Vegas I got the boys some cute jeans at H&M. They looked adorable on the hanger, and I got them home...aaaaaand, they're skinny jeans!! The funny part, is that they really look cute on them!


Becki said...

Ahhhh, what a nice girls getaway! Glad you had so much fun! Sorry about the shirt :( LOVE the skinny jeans :)

Michelle said...

Lindsay your pictures are amazing!!!!! I would LOVE a scrap night! Where do you post your scrap layouts?