Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm not a stink, I'm a CAM!!!

Do you ever call your kids a stinker, a rascal, a pain in the butt, a cute little boy, a sweetie pie, or a momma's boy? Well, I use those and many other names for Cam, and EVERY time, I get the same response: I'm not a (insert other name here), I'm a CAM!!

Sometimes, he'll laugh about it and and we'll joke around...

But most of the time it makes him so mad. The other day, Drew told me that he was a male. Then he told Cam that he was a male too, and this statement just about pushed him over the edge. "I'M NOT A MALE, I'M A CAM!!!!!!


Becki said...

That is so cute! Parker does the same thing and it cracks me up. LOVE the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Cutest boys in the whole world! Cute pics linds. :)