Monday, November 2, 2009

Arrr!! And....To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Halloween this year was great. We made pumpkins a few days before-I wish we would have been more on the ball with that one. We watched the NBC Monsters and Aliens Halloween special, the boys watched about 5 times.

I Drew a face on Cam's pumpkin and then gave him some markers and told him to have at it. He had a great time coloring his own pumpkins. The only downside was his self-appointed ownership of ALL the pumpkins. At least 5 times a day I would find him outside rearranging the pumpkins to how he thought they should be.

The pumpkins we made:

I actually took this one for an assignment for a photography group that I'm a part of. The assignment was fear. I made this photo by zooming my lense in and out during a long exposure-1.5 seconds I think. Kinda cool huh.

This year, we decided to pass out candy. The first time in our entire marriage. In the past we've gone to both of our family's houses and neighborhoods. We really wanted to stay home and enjoy this neighborhood type of holiday. We're glad we did, it was fun walking around with our neighbors and the kids LOVED running from one doorstep to another with their friends. We have an awesome ward and neighborhood-I'm so glad to be here.

My cute little Captain Jack Sparrow (Drew still can't say that name, and I WISH that I could write down what he's saying, but I have no idea what he's saying) and Buzz Lightyear..."To Infinity and Beyond!!!

The serious shot, before taking off ;)

There's my boy! It's taken 2 years 22 months 19 days and 10 hours for this kid to actually smile for the camera. Sheesh dude!!

I love this shot of Cam climbing up to get his loot :)

And another. He would RUN from house to house, and would ask for more than one piece of candy. It worked, because he came home with almost twice as much candy as drew...what a little stinker.

Can I just say how much I love this picture. I'm tempted to blow it up and hang it in my house...I love the intensity in his eyes and his facial expression. I asked Drew at some point during the summer what he wanted to be for Halloween. Pirate-he didn't even hesitate! Here he is and loving it!!


T.J., Lindsay, Drew, and Cameron Stevens said...

Cute pictures babe! Sure was fun to spend Halloween with you and the boys. Love ya!

Mat and Brooke said...

Your boys look super! I could hardly even tell that was Drew! I love all your pictures. It looks like you guys had a great holiday. :)

Sara said...

What cute boys! I see what you mean about the last pic, I would probably blow it up too.

Jim's Photo Blog said...

The best ever...I love those boys...

Heather said...

Cute need to please tell me your secret to getting that finish on them. And, also, we should probaly start talking about Christmas pictures. Is it too late? did I miss my window? I was hoping Hannah's bangs were going to grow out a bit more. I bought her a really cute hat yesterday...