Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Sweet Drew...

I have been enjoying my little boy so much lately. I am really loving his age right now, Kindergarten, his curiosity, cello lessons, reading the Magic Treehouse series together. Because of cello and homework...and all the reading ;) we've had a lot of time together. We've always been close, but I feel that we're so much closer now. I just love this stage... I love his involvement. I just signed him up for Basketball!
And he is so sweet. Sure, he has his sassy moments. But, he always want to hug or cuddle. He loves to come up to me and hold my hand, or he just likes to be with me for whatever I'm doing.
Last week, while Cam was napping we got out Drew's sand art kit. He had so much fun creating-something he usually doesn't like to do.

Yesterday, I bribed him (which usually doesn't take much, he'll always cooperate when I get my camera out!) with candy corn pumpkins and got my favorite photo EVER. of Drew. I love how he'll pose every time.

Today, Drew was supposed to come straight home for singing class. He came flying around the corner on his scooter and right when he got to the garage, I said "Hey buddy, how was schoo-" But before, I could answer, he started bawling. I started asking if he was okay, thinking he'd fallen down, or gotten in a fight or had gotten bullied or something. No, he started saying how bad his head hurt. He told me how bad it had hurt all day at school, but how he was afraid to tell his teacher. Poor little guy. He was pretty warm, he was shaking and was really upset. So I put on my best comforting mommy hat and got his blankies, a drink, and turned on a movie. I just sat with him, and it hurt to see him feel so bad. Drew is not usually one who complains about pain or discomfort, so I knew he had to feel bad.

I'm so glad I can call this little boy mine. He makes me so happy.


Mat and Brooke said...

Oh, Drew buddy! Get better soon sweetie! It's heart-breaking when our little ones are sick, isn't it? :(
He's such an amazing boy, Linds. Or, maybe a more accurate word for him would be, ENGAGING. I've always loved his bright personality that never fails to come through his darling eyes, curly eyelashes, and raised eyebrows. :)
You were right when you told me almost three short years ago, "Boys are SO sweet..." ...and you wouldn't know it until you had one of your very own. :)

Alea said...

Hope Drew gets feeling better! AMAZING photos of him!

Jim's Photo Blog said...

Drew is the bomb! I love that boy. My first grandson.