Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boy Sounds

The other night, I took Drew out to take some birthday pictures. His prize at the end was that I would take a video of him playing with his toys. The best part of the video is the noises he makes for his helicopters. The first part of the video is kinda lame...just wait for the good stuff. Drew loves watching it, he laughs like crazy every time!
How is that boys just know how to make sound effects?


Mat and Brooke said...

You are going to be SO HAPPY you took that video of him someday! I would love to be able to watch a video of Mat playing with his GI Joes (sp?) or transformers or something from when he was a kid :)
He is just too much! Ever since the day he was born he's been loaded with personality. We love those cute little boys of yours and miss them so much!

Mat and Brooke said...

Now Brooke, you know I never played with toys as a kid. I spent my time studying chess and economics...and bow hunting.
Anyways, cute video. It is fun having these online "journals" so we can watch the kiddies grow up.

Kirk and Janelle Tingey said...

Oh Drewbie!! He's my favorite. Love you Linds!