Sunday, November 4, 2007

Digital Scrapbook

I know most of you that will be looking at this site already know that my newest obsession is of Digital Scrapbooking. I LOVE IT!!!!! It is (for me) so much faster and cost effective than paper scrapping. Rather than bore you with all of the reasons of my love for digi scrapbooking, I thought I'd just post some of my Pages. goes. These two pages were created for a challenge for the Meadows at Weeds and Wildflowers (one of my favorite scrapbooking sites). The first page is Called Tiny Toes, and I used papers and star overlay from Gina Marie Huff's Painting a Dream , the star stamp "A Little Pizzazz" by Sandy Krieger from Two Peas, the ribbon, frame and star are from Gina Marie Huff's Believing in You, the font is fontmoochers, and the alpha is from Gina Marie Huff's Doodling Days #1. The Second Page is Called Cameron and I used papers from Gina Marie Huff's Painting a Dream and Swirling Fall Leaves by Heidi Williams/Saxon Holt. The stamp frames are Naked Stamp Sheets No.2 by Meredith Fenwick, the ribbon is from ksharonkdesigns simples sets #24, the alpha is "another love affair" by retrodiva (Tracy Collins), the staples are from Brittish Designs, the Doodle by Deise Liemert, and the stars are from Heidi Williams Seeing Stars.


Kirk and Janelle Tingey said...

How cute!! I didn't know that you can scrapbook digitally. You'll definitly have to show me how to do that! How creative you are!!

Lee Family said...

K I was blog surfing and came across your cute blog, can you tell me what website you use to do those pages I have been wanting to get in to digital for a while but just dont know where to begin do you have any pointers or favorite websites? only if you dont mind thanks shawna