Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Cello

So, I have been planning on my Drew playing the cello since before he was born and like any good Suzuki mom, I have had the cello music playing since before he was one....more consistently in the last six-eight months or so. Anywho, I have been doing
this in anticipation of him starting cello lessons at age 3 or 3 1/2. That is how young a person can be to start the violin. Well, not with the cello! I have to wait until he is 5! The good news is, is that he already is on a waiting list for Brittany Gardner (she is in the picture standing next to a young girl) he will start in June of '09. That seems sooooooooooooo far away, I hope I can keep his interest alive. I kept telling him we were going to get him his own "baby violin cello." But, we can't even do anything with it. So, I have been scowering the internet and found some videos and pictures to show him.....I found a video on you tube. Also, I found a picture of a cello teacher and her students to show him just how little these cute kids are and that they CAN do it!!!

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