Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Videos

This recital was back in May. Sorry it took so long to share. This was Drew's first solo recital playing Andantino. His favorite part is spinning his cello during the rest.

This is a small clip of Cam's singing class recital. I love watching his facial expressions and movements.

Drew did 40 min Cello recital on June 12. He played 23 songs with an intermission. His teacher Brittany accompanied him. We are so proud of how hard he has worked. He practices every day and has come so far in just a year.


Mat and Brooke said...

Wow!!! Drew is an amazingly gifted child. I can hardly believe he has come that far in less than one year! Incredible! I'm sure one day he'll realize that he doesn't want a new family and that he's SO lucky to be in the one he is...! ;) You guys are doing a spectacular job with those boys of yours.

Michelle said...

That was great! I can't believe the work he has put into it! So do you have any family band plans? What is Cam going to play?

Anonymous said...

SO cute!!! I didn't get to see cams recital, so I loved watching the video!! Drew is so cute on the cello! You're an amazing mom, and you deserve the bestest mom award!!!! LUFFF