Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Only 4 left.

So, after a week of rehearsals + shows, then another two weeks of shows....I am down to the final four people. Yeah, don't worry, you heard me....thats 17 down...4 to go. If I EVER sign up to do one of these shows during Christmas again, I give anyone who knows me permission to trip me so that I'll fall and break my little arm.


Becki said...

Congrats on surviving a crazy few weeks! I think it's amazing you can do this at such a busy time of year! Good luck finishing up the last 4 shows!

Oh, so we drove past your house the other night. I LOVE it. It is beautiful!

Jenn J. said...

If only you could clone yourself. We could use a few more of you around. You did a great job on your pieces today at church! I hope you can enjoy your last few shows, and of course, I hope you especially enjoy when they are over! You're amazing. Have a great Christmas!