Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My sweet Drewbie

I know it's late, but I have to blog this before I forget!! For some reason, Drew has had quite a lot of little boy gas today. At our house we call them "fluff's." Anyway, as TJ and I were getting Drew ready for bed this evening, TJ started to call him funny names because of his er...problem. He started calling him Sir Fluffs-a-lot, Fluffalupogas, Fluff's a lot boy...and so on. So as we knelt down to say prayers, we reminded Drew to Thank Heavenly Father for his favorite things, activities, memories of the day. And Drew, bless his sweet little heart thanked Heavenly Father, and I quote "that we could say funny names tonight." He was thankful for other things (gladly!). TJ and I could hardly hold our laughter in!! We were cracking up! Sweet, sweet, Drew, how you make Mommy and Daddy laugh...we LOVE you!!!!

What I've been up to this past week...
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credits: Weeds and Wildflowers Gina Marie Huff's Happy Garden; font: suzie's hand.

credits: Weeds and Wildflowers Gina Marie Huff's Loving You, A Better Me, Cherish Alpha, Happy Garden. ksharonk frame, font: suzie's hand.

credits: Weeds and Wildflowers: Gina Marie Huff's Knocking On Wood, Happy Garden, Cherish Alpha; Heidi Williams' Warming the Heart and Seeing Stars; Font: Swingset.

Credits: Weeds and Wildflowers Gina Marie Huff's Happy Garden

Credits: Weeds and Wildflowers Gina Marie Huff's Spreading Cheer, Breath of Fresh Air, Happy Garden Doodly Scraps Alpha; Gina Marie Designs: Template; Font: Tingle Institute.


Heather said...

Oh,cool! I've been waiting for the Happy Garden Collection. I am going to have to buy it right now. You've made an digi-scrap addict out of me! Pay Pal just makes it too easy to buy stuff! P.S. Your pages are always!

Marianne said...

Holy cow! Your digital scrapbook pages are so unbelievably cute! You are tempting me to consider doing my scrapbooking that way.

Hey, I have two questions for you. First, do you want to do a play group this Wednesday? I could sure use it. Second, what are you doing for preschool for Drew? I'm considering doing Joy School or something similar with Noah and wondered if you and Brook would be interested in doing it with me. Talk to ya soon.

Jennifer said...

I love your scrapbooking pages. Please come over and give me a quick starter lesson. :)

I loved the prayer! Kids are the absolute greatest. The other night, Molly prayed that we could make brownies. You gotta love it!

Marianne said...

11:00 would be fine. I'll plan on it. I'll let Lindsay know and see if she can come too.

Sara said...

You are too funny. I loved the "fluff" story!! I'm glad you wrote it down so you can recall it later!