Saturday, July 14, 2007

Moving to Utah!!!

I just interviewed for a job in Utah with Destination Homes and got the job. I'll be selling homes just like I do in Las Vegas. It's a much smaller builder which is kinda scary but ultimately our goal is to get Sundays off and luckily Destination Homes is closed on Sundays. We're very exited to move back to a cooler climate and be close to family and friends. Lindsay is going to start teaching again and is planning on auditioning for the Orchestra on Temple Square. Drew is exited to start singing with his Grandma in My Kind of Music in September. I still need to get my Utah Real Estate license which I should be able to get by the first part of August. We have listed our home here in Vegas and our crossing our fingers that it will sell quickly. We plan on moving to the Layton area and starting the new job in September.

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JanelleTingey said...

I'm so excited!!! That means you'll be a few hours closer to me and Kirk. That just totally made my day, Teej. Way to go on getting the job. Love you lots!