Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fairies, Farm Animals and Family!

Our fabulous weekend ended with a little fun for our kiddies.  TJ's extended family started this tradition (as far as I know) of setting out decorated boxes for the fairies who live in the forest.  The fairies then fill up the boxes with treats, toys and other goodies.  On Sunday night, TJ and the boys gathered the decor for the boxes.  Ferns, moss and other plants were chosen to cover the boxes.  We want our fairies to feel at home and comfortable.

My little ham!

The next morning was like Christmas.  Thank GOODNESS Drew can tell time because they weren't aloud to come and get us until 7:30.  They were good little boys and obeyed!  They ran outside to look for their boxes and were so happy to find their boxes FULL!  Those fairies were VERY generous.  

The boys and their goodies

After opening all of their fun stuff, the boys and I practiced and then TJ took them to Remlinger Farms.   TJ did some research about the farms and it looked promising.  They ended up having a really great time!  Their were fun rides, activities and more.  The boys LOVED it.  I love what a great dad TJ is.  He loves taking the boys out to do fun things and spending time with them and I love that about him.

I love Drew's face in a lot of these pictures- I was cracking up as I edited these!!

So many fun things to do!

I love my husband!  Isn't he so handsome!?!

My cute boys!

These are two of my fav pics!  I love Drew's smile, TJ's giddiness of getting these pictures and Cam just cracking up!

While TJ was out with the boys, I stayed home and had a little "me" time.  I read a lot, took a long hot shower and was able to have a nice relaxing afternoon!  My mom wasn't feeling well, so she was in bed all day.  My dad worked on the boys walking sticks and was able to get some shooting (photography) in.  

The next morning it was up early again and to Seattle!  We first stopped at the Seattle Aquarium.  It was a great aquarium with fun hands on experiences.  

The boys touching Starfish.  Check out the starfish with the gazillion legs!

Check out the fish with the TEETH!!!  What the??

Drew helped me take some of these pictures and after taking some of the photos declared that he wanted a camera just like mine...riiiiiiiight.  

Cool sea plants/coral/creatures

The boys loving these fun Octopus legs 

Some more pics taken by my little budding photographer Drew

I know I'm biased... but he's so stinkin' cute!!

a fun pic of my three little boys

family photo op!

After the aquarium we had lunch at Ivars where the boys got to feed their fries to Seagulls, which they loved.  The food was good too.  It was fried seafood and fries.  The boys tried calamari for the first time and loved it. Yum!  

After lunch we walked around a few of the shops by Ivars and then got on the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.  Over there we crossed a bridge to another Island to visit the city Poulsbo so TJ could visit a model home for work.  While he was out on business, my parents and the kids and I walked through this cute town.  It was kind of like Leavenworth as it was a themed type of town.  This one was a Nordic/Viking town.  There were shops with all kinds of things from Finland, Norway, and Sweden.  There was a most amazing bakery.  I tried some truly amazing treats!  There was also a fun Chocolate shop and an amazing ice-cream shop!  We were in heaven :)

The Chocolate shop surrounded by a cool Viking Mural

The day in Poulsbo couldn't have been more gorgeous- it was warm (but not hot!!) and sunny.  We sat and enjoyed our treats, took some pictures of this cute town and took the beautiful surroundings in.  

On the Ferry ride back, I took some pictures of the skyline and my dad took a picture of our family.  It was incredibly windy and the skyline of Seattle was very impressive!

We ended our day with a nice visit to TJ's aunt Linda-our last time seeing her on this trip.  It was our last trip into town, our last excursion before we go home.  It was bittersweet.  We have truly loved exploring and falling in love with Washington.  We love the weather here, the beautiful surroundings.  The people are so, so kind.  I've been so happy with every aspect of this trip.  We still have a few days left and plan to make every moment count!  Check back to see the end of this great trip :)


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